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award-winning free Range turkeys and grass-fed meats

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Weekly Beef Orders

‘Nationwide Beef Deliveries’ – Arrive Every Thursday Before 1pm

‘Farm Click and Collect Beef Orders’ – Every Friday 10am – 6pm

‘Truro Farmer’s Market Beef Collection’ – Every Saturday 9am – 4pm

Christmas Orders

‘Nationwide Christmas Orders’ (Turkeys/Geese/Butcher Packs/Condiments – Arrive 22nd December

‘Christmas Farm Click and Collect’ – 23rd December – 8am – 7pm

-24th December 8am – 2pm

Shorthorn Beef
Treway Whole Bronze Turkey
Treway Bronze Turkey Crown
Treway Bronze Turkey Breast Joint
Treway Goose
Treway Bronze Turkey Legs
Treway Bronze Turkey Legs
A.R. Day Butchers Packs

Poppyfields Cornish Pork
Gift Vouchers
Treway Condiments

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