Award winning meats


On this page you will find a selection of recipes which are all our family favourites. These are real meals cooked in our farmhouse kitchen, no fancy ‘chefy’ ways just good honest, family home cooking.

Plus a selection of delicious turkey recipes and images which have been supplied by the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association, of which we are very proud to be members, and were produced for them by award-winning Chef Rachel Green.

Cauliflower Cheese…. is there a better side dish?!!

At Treway Farm we love, love, love Cauliflower Cheese! It is always on the menu of every Sunday roast. It is rich, creamy and utter comfort food. Plus its super easy to make, so why not give it a try next time you are making a roast dinner.

BBQ Pulled Turkey Leg Sliders

These BBQ Turkey Sliders make a brilliant value for money dinner that everyone will enjoy. These are a favourite with our ‘mini farmer’s’!!

Chimichurri Bavette Steak

This is a super speedy steak dinner which is packed full of flavour. A real favourite in the Treway kitchen!

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