BBQ Turkey Wing Wraps

Turkey Wing Wraps And All The Trimmings


X4 Turkey Wings

500ml Chicken Stock – I used Potts Chicken Stock

X4 Wraps – I used the Srsly Low Carb Wraps –

255ml BBQ Sauce – I used The Cornish Larder –

Then trimmings to taste! Sour Cream, Grated Cheddar, Jalapenos, Chopped Lettuce.


1, Defrost Turkey Wings

2, Place the defrosted turkey wings in a roasting tray then pour over the chicken stock

3, Cover tightly with foil and cook for 2hrs at 180 Degrees or until the meat is easily pulled away from the bones. Check regularly and add some water as necessary to prevent drying out.

4, Once the turkey is falling off the bones carefully shred the meat and discard the bones. (Why not make a batch of turkey stock with the bones!)

5, Mix the turkey with the BBQ sauce and heat gently over a medium heat.

6, Warm the wraps as per packet instructions.

7, Choose your trimmings then place everything on a board and let the family dig in!


Allow x1 turkey wing per person, the recipe above fed our family of 4!