Treway Taco Night Feast

Treway Taco Family Feast Night ?


500g Beef Mince

x1 can of Potts ‘Taco Cooking Sauce’ 

X1 400g Can of Mixed Mexican Beans or Kidney Beans

X2 Bell Peppers (Red or Yellow)

X1 Box of Taco Shells (I used Old El Paso) 

Sour Cream, Grated Cheese, Salad and Jalapeños to serve

Treway Taco Family Feast Night!



1, Put a heavy bottom frying pan on a medium to high heat then add a splash of olive oil and the beef mince. Cook the mince until well browned.

2, Remove the mince from the pan and put in a bowl to rest.

3, Turn down the heat and add the peppers, add a little more olive oil if necessary. Stir occasionally until the peppers are well softened. 

4, Meanwhile empty the beans including the water into a saucepan and boil for a few minutes then drain and set to one side.

5, Once the peppers are cooked through add the mince and any resting liquid back into the frying pan along with the drained beans. Then pour in the Taco Sauce and stir well to combine.

6, Allow to bubble away for a few minutes until the right consistency is achieved.

7, Warm the tacos according to instructions on the packet.

8, Then place everything in the centre of the table and let everyone dig in!

Treway Taco Feast


  •   The Taco sauce has a lovely smoky flavour and very little in the way of heat. Making it perfect for the whole family to enjoy. If you want a bit more fire than add jalapeños to taste.



  •   If you want the recipe to go a bit further then add an extra tin of beans and extra peppers. This comfortably fed the four of us plus we had leftover taco shells.

Treway Taco Night