Summer Slow Roast Beef

Summer Slow Roast Beef


1.5Kg Treway Farm Slow Roast Joint

500ml good quality beef stock – I used Potts Beef Stock Can

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper

X2 Large onions chopped into large chunks

X4 Carrots sliced lengthways and then into quarters

x3 Garlic Cloves peeled

Gravy Granules – I like to use ASDA ‘Extra Special’ Beef Gravy Granules

X1 Tablespoon of Rosemary Jelly or Redcurrant Jelly

Grass Fed Beef Slow Roast




1, Remove the beef joint from the packet and pat dry with kitchen roll.

2, Drizzle over olive oil and rub all over the beef then season with salt and pepper.

3, Put an ovenproof pan on the hob over a high heat. Once the pan is hot carefully place the beef in the pan and turn regularly until the joint is well browned on all sides.

4, Remove the beef from the pan and pop on a plate to rest.

5, Turn down the heat and place the carrots, onion and garlic into the pan. Add a little more olive oil if necessary. Cook for 5 mis or until slightly softened.

6, Place the beef on top of the veggies and then pour over the stock and any resting juices.

7, Run a sheet of greaseproof paper under the tap and scrunch up into a ball squeezing out any excess water. Unwrap then place the greaseproof over the beef and ‘tuck it in’ this will create a seal around the beef, locking in the juiciness. Then put a double layer of foil over the pan sealing tightly.

8, Pop in the oven at 180 degrees for 4 hours. Check regularly and add more water as necessary.

9, When the beef is cooked it should be easy to pull a piece away from the joint. 

10, Remove the beef from the pan and place on a board to rest.

11, Carefully mash the carrot, onion and garlic into a paste using the back of a fork. Pop the pan over a medium to high heat and add water followed by gravy granules. Stir and add more water until the right gravy consistency is achieved. 

12, Add the rosemary jelly and stir well then taste and season the gravy with salt and pepper as required.

13, Carefully slice the joint which will ultimately fall apart!

Slow Roast Beef


 ⭐️ I am not a chef and this is a fuss free recipe so I like to use gravy granules! If you prefer then you can add flour to the veggie paste and then create gravy by gradually adding water.

 ⭐️ I like to serve this with roasted crushed new potatoes.

 ⭐️ Then pair with any summer veggies you have to hand, I used yellow courgettes and cavelo Nero which was in my weekly ‘veg bag’ from our friends at Tamm Field Farm 

Slow Roast Beef Gravy