Roast Turkey Breast Free Range

Roast Turkey Breast


X1 Treway Turkey BreastĀ



Olive Oil

Free Range Turkey Breast


1, Thoroughly defrost the turkey breast

2, Remove turkey breast from the packet and pat dry with kitchen roll.

3, Rub the skin side with olive oil and season generously with salt and pepper.

4, Place a roasting pan on the hob over a medium to high heat

5, Pop the turkey breast into the pan skin side down and allow to brown for a couple of minutes. Then flip over so the skin is facing upwards.

6, Pour 1 cup of water into the roasting tray (this stops the precious juices burning) Top up the water through cooking if necessary.

7, Put the turkey into the oven at 190 degrees C for 45 minutes as a guide but I like to use a temperature probe. Cook until the temp reads 65 degrees C at the thickest part.

8, When up to temp remove from the oven, place on a serving platter and allow to rest uncovered while you finish making the rest of the meal.


Roast Turkey Breast

These turkey joints are brilliant for left over sandwiches for the rest of the week as they are super easy to carve into slices.

Make sure to retain the cooking juices to make your gravy.