Flat Iron Steak Rub

Flat Iron Steak With Cattle Dust Rub


X2 Flat Iron Steaks https://trewayfarm.co.uk/product/flat-iron-steak/

A good shake of Rusty BBQ ‘Cattle Dust’ https://trewayfarm.co.uk/product/the-rusty-bbq-cattle-dust/

Olive Oil


Flat Iron Steak



1, Take you steaks out of the fridge around 1hr prior to cooking.

2, Remove from the packet and pat dry with kitchen paper. Place the steaks on a board.

3, Lightly coat the steaks with olive oil then generously shake over the meat rub. Turn over and repeat on the other side.

4, Take a grill pan if you have it else a frying pan and place on the hob until the pan is nice and hot.

5, Place the steaks in the pan and cook turning them over after 3 minutes. Use a temperature probe and your steaks are perfectly cooked when the internal temp reaches 50 degrees c for rare.

6, Remove from the pan and allow to rest for a minimum of 8 minutes.

7, Then place on a wooden board and cut into strips.

Simply serve with a fresh garden salad and chips!

Flat Iron Steak cooked



⭐️ This recipe works perfectly on the BBQ to!

⭐️ We recommend having these steaks rare, but if you want medium rare cook to 60 degrees C.

⭐️If spice is your thing switch up the rub and try the 7 Chilli Al Pastor rub.