BBQ Brisket Burgers

Epic Beef Burgers With Smokey BBQ Brisket


1.5Kg Rolled BrisketĀ

500ml Beef StockĀ

Salt and Pepper

Olive Oil

Smokey BBQ Sauce – we love The Cornish Larder

x4 Beef Burgers

Salad Leaves

Blue Cheese if you like!

Chilli Jam

X4 Brioche Buns if you are in Cornwall then you can’t beat DaBara Bakery!



1, Remove the brisket from the packet and dry with kitchen roll. Rub over olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

2, Over a high heat on the hob brown the brisket on all sides. Then pour over the beef stock. Get a piece of greaseproof paper, run it under the tap until soaking. Scrumple it up and remove the excess water. Place over the top of the brisket to form a cover. Then sheet over the pan with foil.

3, Place in the oven at 170 degrees for 2 and a half hours or until the meat is falling apart. Check regularly and turn the meat in the liquor. Top up with water as necessary.

4, Once the meat is cooked and is coming apart easily remove from the oven and place on a board. Cut the butchers strings. Then with two forks pull the meat apart until it is broken down.

5, Return the meat to the pan and stir in the BBQ sauce. Place on a low heat to warm through gently.

6, Cook your burgers either on the hob or on a BBQ.

7, Then layer up your brioche buns with a burger, a big dollop of BBQ brisket, a slice of blue cheese and a spread of chilli jam then a handful of crispy salad leaves.


If prepping for a party or family feast the BBQ Brisket can be made a day or two ahead. Just keep refrigerated and make sure to warm through fully before serving. Although the mixture makes for a scrummy cold sandwich filling to!

We love blue to use a softer blue cheese such as gorgonzola or simply use cheddar. Whatever cheese takes your fancy.

Getting messy eating these indulgent burgers is a must!

BBQ Brisket Burger