Cajun Spiced Brisket


X1 1.5Kg BrisketĀ

X1 Potts Beef Stock Can

Cajun Spice Mix – I used Cajun Seasoning from the Co Op

Olive Oil

Fried Onions and mixed peppers, sour cream and chillies to serve.



1, Remove the brisket from the packet and cut and remove strings.

2, Unroll the meat and press down gently to flatten. Pat dry with some kitchen roll.

3, Rub the meat lightly all over with olive oil.

4, Season the meat liberally all over on all sides with the seasoning mix. I used 3/4’s of the jar. Gently massage into the meat.

5, Place meat in a roasting tray.

6, Pour the beef stock into the roasting tray and cover tightly with foil.

7, Place in the oven at 180 degrees C for 3hrs. Check regularly to make sure that the pan hasn’t dried out, top up with water as necessary. Make sure when you recover that the foil is tightly sealed.

8, The brisket is cooked when you are able to pull away a small piece. If you wish to pull your brisket apart, keep cooking for longer. I wanted to be able to slice for this recipe.

9, Once cooked leave to rest while you fry your onions and mixed peppers.

10, Serve with sour cream and chillies.


As a family we try to follow at Ketogenic diet which is why I haven’t served with any carbohydrates. The brisket would work well with rice or you could serve in warm tortilla wraps.

If you are following keto make sure that your seasoning mix doesn’t contain sugar as an awful lot of them do – the one from the Co Op is great!