Treway Grass Fed Hoggett ‘Taster Box’ – Option 2 (with x1 French Trimmed Rack)


Treway Grass Fed Hoggett ‘Taster Box’ – Rack Option

Hoggett is a mature pasture fed lamb which has a far richer depth of flavour than spring lamb.

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 Grass Fed Hoggett – Taster Box – Option 2 (with x1 French Trimmed Rack)

These hoggetts were born at Treway last winter and have been reared for us by local farmer Tommy. They have now come back to us to ‘finish’ on our permanent pastures at the farm.

Hoggett is lamb that is aged between one and two years old. The extra time on the fields allows it to develop more of a richer depth of flavour but not as strong as mutton.

A hoggett taster box approximately consists of:

x1 Half Leg Joints

x1 Half Shoulder Joints

x1 Mince

x4 Lamb Chops

x1 Lamb Rack


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