Award winning meats


Our meat is delivered each and every week direct from our farm to your table within 24 hrs to anywhere in the UK excluding Northern Ireland.

We send all our meat fresh and never frozen (unless ordering frozen turkey) as we feel this gives you most flexibility and shelf life in which to enjoy your delicious purchases.

Step One

Order your meat through the website by 6pm on Tuesday evenings

Step Two

We will pack your meat into our eco friendly ‘Wool Cool’ delivery boxes along with ice packs and wave it off on its travels across the country on a Wednesday afternoon

Step Three

Your meat box will arrive with you on Thursday morning by 1pm at the latest

Step Four

On arrival unpack your box of delicious fresh meat

Step Five

Decide what you are going to cook first!!

Step Six

Please pop anything you wish to freeze in the freezer on day of arrival

Step Seven

Recycle your cardboard box, pop the ice packs in the freezer ready to whip out in a medical emergency or for a picnic. Then send your wool liners back to us so that we can use them again!

Step Eight

When we recieve your liners back at the farm we will send you a £10 gift voucher to use on your next Treway order.

At Treway we are passionate about the environment and reducing our impact as much as possible which is why our grass fed meats are shipped to you in eco friendly ‘Wool Cool’ boxes. These are fully recyclable cardboard boxes which are lined with insulating liners made with British sheeps wool and packed with reusable ice packs. We also offer an incentive for you to send the liners back to us so that we can use them again!

We use DPD to courier all our meat boxes direct to your door.

If you purchase any of our packed items such as meatballs, burgers, kebabs etc they are all packed into clear trays which are fully recyclable.


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