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Pop Up Farm Shop – Every Friday 10am – 6pm


Our ‘Pop Up’ Farm Shop is open at the farm every Friday 10am – 6pm

We have our full range of beef on display along with a selection of accompaniments, plus some local veg, potatoes and local duck eggs.

We can accept cash or card payments along with order collections

About Us

Treway Farm is a truly family business affair, run by husband and wife team Will and Kate Martin, son Charlie, daughter Flora and Labrador Reuben. Treway Farm is located just outside the village of Grampound in mid Cornwall. With its 300 acres of rolling hills it makes the perfect place to rear our free range Christmas poultry and grass fed shorthorn cattle.

We are first generation farmers and we want to carve out a sustainable farming future for our children at Treway. We believe that we are simply custodians of the land and are always striving to improve our soils and increase the diversity of wildlife around us.

We took ownership of Treway in 2007 and have built up a herd of 280 Shorthorn cattle. They are a native breed which are perfectly suited to our low input, 100% grass fed farming system. The shorthorns are kind tempered and docile which makes them such a joy to work with every day. All our cattle are homebred and we take them all through to finish eating only our good Cornish grass. Shorthorns are brilliant grass converters and their meat is well known for its incredible fat marbling. Our beef is always hung for a minimum of 28 days which gives it a rounded flavour and soft texture. It is then sold direct to customers both locally in our ‘Pop Up Farm Shop” every Friday 10am – 6pm and nationwide through courier home delivery service.

We started producing our bronze turkeys back in 2015 and have built up to the business we are today. This year will see us produce 1500 turkeys and geese. Treway Farm is the first and only producer in Cornwall to be accredited with the ‘Golden Turkey Standard’ an assurance scheme which guarantees the highest welfare standards for the birds and stipulates the birds must be reared using age old traditional methods and fed a natural diet which gives them exemplary flavour.

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