Filming for schools at treway

Last Wednesday we spent a very enjoyable morning filming an educational film for the NFU Education series with Becca and Lizzie. Becca and Lizzie have done a couple of series of these films which show school children behind the scenes of working farms.

Our episode was of course all about producing the centrepiece of most Chrsitmas dinners, a turkey.

We were honoured to be asked to be involved with this project especially as the girls and film crew came all the way down from the far north to shoot!

Becca and Lizzie have a fabulous food, farming and countryside podcast. They aim to bridge the gap with the public, helping people learn about careers in agriculture and how our food is produced. To listen follow this link

The turkeys as always loved being filmed and were as always keen to be involved. So much so that we had to cut filming numerous times as a turkey would peck the camera stand and wobble the shot!

We were lucky that we managed to get the outside filming completed before storm Agnes really took a hold. The chaps tried to take some drone footage of the turkeys but they were definitely not keen on that and headed for the great indoors!

It is always so enjoyable showing people the turkeys as they really are such unique animals, they capture people’s attention with their prehistoric look, funny wings out flapping run, constant chatter and inquisitive nature.

We ended the filming with a session in the farm shop where we got in full festive mode, in fact I still need to take down all the decorations. Visitors to the shop on Friday got quite the festive shock!

School children across the UK will be shown the film on the 30th November. They will then have time to come up with questions which I will be answering in a live filming session in December. It will be very interesting to see what questions the children come up with – I think I will have to think on my feet!