Treway Fiesta Raised £525 for r.a.b.i

RABI Donation cheque

A huge thank you to everyone who braved the weather and came along to our first event at the farm and those who couldn’t be with us but sent donations. We had a brilliant night of live music, dancing, burgers and bevvies. We have donated all the profits to R.A.B.I (Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institute) which came in at £525.

After the worst week of weather we have had in such a long time we decided to relocate our Fiesta from the field as planned to one of our sheds on the farm. This turned out to be the best plan as in the lead up to the event I think the only way to describe the wind and rain at times would be ‘biblical’!

After making the decision to relocate we had to set about turning a livestock shed with the associated smells and stains into a perfectly clean venue. Will, Kenny and I did shifts on the pressure washer with Will uttering the words ‘we don’t have time to stop for dinner, we need to keep the pressure washer running!’.

We had bought a marquee to go in the field which as it happened was the perfect fit to cover the open yard between our party shed and the shed with the loos in. We managed to tie it down and secure which was rather amazing in the wind.

The event very much had a rustic charm as the shed was lit with numerous sets of festoon lights, our bale trailer made for a brilliant stage and we used potato boxes borrowed from a neighbouring farm to create a solid bar.

It felt so surreal to see a live band performing on our bale trailer in a shed that in a couple of week’s time will be filled with turkeys!

The event wouldn’t have been possible without our fabulous Fiesta Team! We had the burger dream team of Shane and Emma. Vikki, Debra and the girls on the door. Granny and Tom on the bar. And of course our brilliant parking team of Kenny and Philip who once again braved the rain to get people parked and headed in the right direction to the fiesta.

We have already had questions about when will we do it next year, so watch this space for 2024 but in the meantime we need to recover from this one!