Milestone moment at treway

This week we reached a serious milestone in our journey at Treway Farm.

Our 800th calf was born!

Will has been farming here for 15 years and arrived at an empty farm with only a handful of calves. Through his hard work (just look at those hands) and total dedication he has built up our herd to what it is today.

He has created a homebred herd which currently stands at;

x80 Breeding Cows

X2 Working Stock Bulls (Logic and Ned)

X80 Newborn or About To Be Born Calves

X80 Yearlings

X60 2 Year Olds For Finishing

There is no wonder he is working all hours of the day and night. I couldn’t be prouder of what he has achieved.

Sadly the mumma cow of the 800th calf is extremely proud of him so a close up of the ear tag in the calf’s ear wasn’t going to be an option!

Our cattle are usually very docile and mild mannered but occasionally when they have recently had a calf they can have a bit of a personality transplant! They can become very protective of their newborns and aren’t to keen on your presence. Which is why you must always be on your toes in the calving sheds, just in case!

We still have a handful of cows which were the original calves Will brought to the farm, their legacy will live on through the generations of our herd.