National Butchers week

Treway Farm Butcher Darren

Last week it was ‘National Butchers Week’ where we said a huge thank you to our brilliant butcher Darren.

Without this hero we simply wouldn’t have a business…..

Whilst Will can rear the best grass fed beef on the farm and I can sell, pack and ship our beef. We simply can’t butcher our beef. Frankly I can’t cut a slice of bread straight let alone cut the perfect steak and don’t get me started on tying knots!

Butchery is an unbelievably skilled job that takes years of training and practise to master. It is an art that is all to rarely seen now. The dawn of mass market supermarkets has lead to industrial scale ‘cutting plants’. Using far more machinery power than traditional knife skills.

Darren and his team cut all of our beef and hoggett each week and then vac pac each item which preserves freshness. Joe is an absolute master of packing our meat so the steaks look beautiful in the packets.

With Darren’s help and knowledge we have been able to work as a team to develop a range of cuts which best utilise the whole carcass. Think nose to tail eating.

So next time you tuck into a Treway steak or pop a Treway roasting joint into the oven know it’s this chap that has cut it.

Admire the work and skill that has gone into preparing it for you.