The green, green grass of october

Grass fed beef

After the hottest and driest summer Mother Nature has blessed us with perfect autumn weather.

With just the magical mix of warm sunshine and good Cornish rain our herbal leys and permanent pastures have just kept on giving.

It only seems like a few weeks ago that some of our permanent pasture fields looked a little like a sight from the serengeti with dust clouds following the cattle. Now the same fields are bright green and are flowing with lush grass once again. The ability of nature to recover is just frankly amazing.

This flush of grass has meant that we have continued to mob graze across the farm and allowed us to keep all of our beautiful shorthorn cattle outside for much longer than usual. This in turn has helped us to save our winter feed for that bit longer and makes up for the hay we had to feed in the summer when the grass wasn’t growing!

This week coming is a ‘big one’ for us as we are pregnancy scanning all 84 cows and 12 heifers (first time Mum’s) to see how many calves we will be expecting next spring.