2000 orders!!

2000 orders at treway

Last week we were totally blown away when the 2000th order was placed through our ‘New’ website!

It feels completely unbelievable that on 2000 separate occasions people have been onto the website and placed orders. It seems even more unbelievable that we have processed and packed 2000 orders since the website was launched 16 months ago. We have sent beef, turkeys and geese all over the UK from Edinburgh to Brighton and Cardiff to Sheffield and frankly everywhere in-between.

With a micro team here at the farm it is always a bit like organised chaos!

Will is in charge of all things farming, his complete passion and dedication to the farm, animals and the environment is the reason that our meat is just so delicious. Our animals are allowed to grow slowly to full maturity giving them their distinct depth of flavour.

While I am in charge of all things meat, orders and customer service! This perfect partnership has allowed us to grow the business and create a sustainable future for the farm and our family in what is becoming an ever challenging time for farmers.

But we don’t do it all on our own….. Kenny helps will on the farm three days a week and will look after the farm when we take the mini farmer’s on a break away. Then I have ‘Suey’ who helps me and is in charge of all things burgers, meatballs, bombs, diced and she is definitely chief ox-liver slicer! Then my Mum also pops down on a Tuesday and does a lot of the beef labelling.

But what we don’t have is any ‘office staff’ so please bear with me if I don’t immediately respond to emails or calls, I am always on the case but am often in the trenches of all things beef, order packing or simply ‘Mum Stuff’. This time of the year I am attached to my trusty laptop every evening working through the emails!

One of our lovely customers Charlotte made us a beautiful and utterly delicious tray of cupcakes to celebrate our 2000 orders. It was such a lovely surprise. If you are visiting Crantock you must visit her gorgeous cafe Tom and Lou’s at Treago Farm.