Red tractor assurance passed ✅

Red Tractor Audit

This week we passed our annual ‘Red Tractor Assurance’ audit. This is a very rigorous audit which requires us as farmers to provide a host of paperwork, certificates and show the inspector our cattle and their corresponding UK passports.

For farmers to be Red Tractor assured they must work tirelessly to maintain a rigorous set of standards that keep animal welfare at their core and ensure that they can deliver full supply chain traceability and safety.

Here are just some of the standards we must maintain;

1, Anyone working on a red tractor certified farm must be trained and demonstrably competent to carry out their role.

2, All cattle have a UK passport and receive 2 ear tags within 20 days of birth to maintain traceability.

3, Safe, comfortable and hygienic housing must be available for all cattle.

4, Cattle must have sufficiently sized housing and be kept in appropriate groups.

5, Cattle being kept outdoors must have access to shelter and a dry lying area.

6, The animals receive a full healthy diet.

7, The health and welfare of the cattle must be proactively managed and every farm must have a ‘Livestock Health Plan’ and complete an annual health and performance review with their vet.

8, Every certified farm must have a farm biosecurity policy to help prevent the spread of disease and protect food safety and animal health.

9, The health and welfare of livestock must also be well managed during transportation.

This is just one of the many accredited assurance schemes we are part of. This gives our customers complete confidence and transparency that our animals are raised using the highest of welfare standards using the best farming practices.

Our beef is sold under the ‘Pasture For Life’ certification which ensures that our beautiful shorthorn cattle are fed nothing but a 100% pasture diet throughout their lifetime.

Then our bronze Christmas turkeys are certified by the ‘Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association’.

So wether you are buying beef or turkeys from our farm you can rest assured that our animals are being cared for to the highest standards.