the Blackberry doesn’t fall far from the hedge

Blackberry Jam

As the saying goes ‘The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ or in this case it should be ‘the blackberry doesn’t fall far from the hedge’.

It seems that Will and I have passed on our entrepreneurial spirit to our mini farmers. Over the weekend they have made a batch of homemade blackberry jam.

They have been out harvesting the blackberries from the hedges around the farm. With a little help from us as we all know that best blackberries are always the most difficult to pick.

One of my fondest childhood memories is of blackberry picking with my Nanna and Grampie. Grampie had a particular walking stick which he would weald to bring down the highest and of course juiciest blackberries. We munched through plenty of berries while picking before heading home to make a steaming hot crumble!

In the kitchen Flora was chief stirrer and Charlie was in charge of filling the jars.

They both helped to clean up the jars and label before we took some photos of the finished jam.

We think it is so important to support them in their ventures and it is such a brilliant experience for them to learn the process of production from berry to jar. Plus of course a little grounding in business along the way.

Charlie is already planning what he is going to spend his profits on!

The jam of course has been thoroughly taste tested with several rounds of toast consume by all.

If you would like to support their venture then jam can be ordered through the website and is available for nationwide delivery, Friday farm collection and by collection from the Truro Farmers Market.