All change in the butchery

Grass Fed Beef Box Butchery

Did you know that the way we cut our bodies of beef each week changes throughout the year?

In order for us to best utilise each and every 100% grass fed beef animal we produce here on the farm we have to be flexible and creative when it comes to the butchery.

As the year moves from season to season people’s appetite and meal preferences change. Through the cold and wet winter months it’s all about serious hearty comfort food. Think warming stews, hearty curries and wholesome pies.

Then all of a sudden the nation’s appetite shifts as they want lighter meals, less roasts and plenty of BBQ options!

So what do we do you may ask. Well get creative is the answer!

As the demand for Topside Roast Joints fall we will cut more ‘Minute Steaks’ which are utterly brilliant on the BBQ or cut into strips for a speedy beef stir fry. We cut our lovely ‘Slow Roast Joints’ into ‘Flat Iron Steaks’. While we will cut more ‘Short Ribs’ and less ‘Rolled Brisket Joints’. We use ‘Frying Steak’ to make our ‘Diced Beef’ which will now be used to make our range of ‘Kebabs’.

Whilst we still have a small demand for cuts such as shin (my favourite for a slow cook chilli) it is very limited so the majority will be minced which will fill the uplift in burger and Grillsticks sales.

Of course demand for certain cuts prevails throughout the year including everyone’s go to beef mince! And of course all of our glorious steaks.

But don’t panic each week we will still be cutting a small amount of things such as Shin and Diced beef to service everyones orders!