The class of 2022 is complete

This week we finished our calving season with the safe arrival of another pedigree heifer calf which was born to one of our homebred pedigree heifers (it was her first calf). I think that you will agree that they are both pretty as a picture with their matching markings.

That makes the class of 2022 complete with 49 bull calves (little boys) and 35 heifer calves (little girls).

It has been our most successful calving season we have had at Treway. We are lucky as shorthorns are natural mothers and bond quickly with their calves. They are in the mainstay very docile cattle although there are a couple of exceptions to that rule in our herd. For some reason we find the pure white cows to be more flighty and trickier to deal with!

This year the vast majority of ladies calved quietly on their own which is by far the best way. We had three which were born in the breach position (coming backwards), these always need a helping hand to arrive. Left unaided the calf is likely to die and in the worst case scenario the cow as well. Thankfully all three were delivered safely and are now growing away.

It wasn’t all perfect as we had one set of twins born but sadly one of the twins was still born. Thankfully the other calf was in perfect shape and is turning into a monster!

Each year our pedigree calves are registered in the National Shorthorn Herd Book. This year the letter is ‘S’ so we need your help to come up with some names!

The bulls are easy as it is simply our prefix ‘Treway’ followed by their name. For example last year we had Treway Rocket. Rocket has been sold to a fellow Cornish farmer and is enjoying life on the Lizard Peninsular.

The heifers are a bit more tricky, we need adjectives for their names as they need our prefix and their family name. Last year we had Treway Romantic Wendy.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received!