What a week it has been at treway farm!!

Treway Farm at the Eden Project

What a week it has been at Treway Farm…….

On Monday Will and I headed to the NEC to the Farmshop and Deli Show. It was a trade show of epic proportions! We had plenty of samples and met some fabulous producers from across the UK. There were a few that really struck a note with us with their incredible taste and brilliant back story. We can’t wait to bring a selection of these to our Treway Farm Online Store and Friday farm shop. Plus it was brilliant to see our lovely friends Rosemullion Distillery flying The Cornish flag at the event. They produce the most amazing, multi award winning rums and gins at their distillery near the Helford river. Check them out here https://rosemulliondistillery.com

This week has seen a bonkers time on our nationwide home deliveries, so much so that we had to do two shipping days rather than just our usual Wednesday session. When we started our beef business two years ago I remember thinking ‘wouldn’t it be amazing to send our beef across the UK once a month?’ To be shipping every week really is a dream come true. I love the idea of people excitedly unpacking their boxes of Treway Farm ‘beefy treats’ and deciding what to cook first.

Our Treway Farm Friday farm shop saw a record number of customers through the door. This included plenty of new faces throughout the day which is always so fab. News of our Friday farm shop is spreading mainly through our wonderful customers telling all their friends that we are ‘the place’ to buy grass fed beef! It also tickles me when I hear customers on their phone telling people that they have popped down to ‘Treway’, it’s funny to think that our farm has become a place to go.

On Saturday the Truro Farmer’s market was very busy with all our wonderful regulars and lots of people browsing the selection of Cornish produce whilst on holiday. It turned out to be a record day of beefy sales for us! Did you know the market now has a selection of around 40 traders at the market each Saturday? It is really worth a visit as the produce is truly local and absolutely top quality. The market (a slightly smaller version) also runs in Truro every Wednesday and in Falmouth every Tuesday. See the market producers here https://www.trurofarmers.co.uk/category/producers/

Then on Sunday we went to the first food festival hosted by Food and Drink Cornwall at the Eden Project. To set up we had the mini farmers in tow which provided fellow exhibitors with some entertainment as the usual chaos ensued! It was a great day working alongside fellow Cornish producers from longstanding and well known brands such as Tarquins Gin, and Boddington Berries. To some fledgling businesses such as the Cornish Seaberry Company who produce a tangy and delicious drink made with the immune boosting seaberries. Find out more about them here https://www.cornishseaberry.co.uk Will left me in charge of all things beef as he headed off with Charlie and Flora to explore the biomes then back to the farm to do the ‘day job’!

In farm news we just have one shorthorn heifer left calve then the class of 2022 will be complete. This week Will has also been busy getting all our ‘yearling’ cattle out in the fields so the farm yard is now sounding very quiet. Except for Ned shouting out his frustrations as he can’t wait to get out with his ladies in a few weeks!

We are totally worn out but have really relished a busy and productive week in our family farming journey.