11 Weeks of ‘beefing’ and its time to take a break with the mini farmers

It has been a very hectic 11 weeks of back to back ‘beefing’. So it is now time to spend a week with our mini farmers on Easter Holidays.

In the last 11 weeks we have sold 11 whole bodies of our homebred grass fed shorthorn beef.

But what does that mean you may ask?

Well I have been back through my weekly beef sheets and here are just some of our grand totals of pieces of beef sold and beefy items made here on the farm. There are also many more cuts which I haven’t listed such as braising steak, shin, skirt etc

242 Ribeye Steaks

240 Fillet Steaks

440 Sirloin Steaks

352 Rump Steaks

770 500g Packs of Mince

660 Minute Steaks

66 Chuck Eye Chops

231 Topside Joints

66 Slow Roast Joints

126 Rolled Briskets

1100 Beef Burgers (these are all hand pressed)

440 Beef Bombs

1056 Beef Meatballs

This amounts to quite literally thousands of meals which have been enjoyed by our wonderful customers both locally and across the UK. It feels like such an honour to feed and nourish so many people with our healthy and delicious beef.

We will be back in ‘beefing’ action next week. Beef will be released onto the website on Sunday 24th April for the following;

? Nationwide Delivery: Thursday 28th April

? Farm Click and Collect: Friday 29th April 10am – 6pm

?‍? Truro Farmer’s Market Collection: Saturday 30th 9am – 4pm