New Puppy and half term Fun!

Well this half term has been exciting for the mini farmers to say the least with the arrival of ‘Ralph’. He is a 10 week old black Labrador puppy who we bought from a lovely breeder in Lostwithiel meaning he is a good Cornish boy.

Where did the name Ralph come from you may ask……. Well when we lost Reuben at the beginning of the year Charlie was so upset and turned to me and said ‘Mummy please can we have another dog?’ and I said ‘yes of course we will in time’. To which he replied ‘great, he is going to be called Ralph’. Hence the name Ralph!

He is of course a bundle of fun but he does have a very relaxed personality and is as I type curled up next to me snoring his head off.

Ralph has some seriously big paws to fill but I’m sure our dearest Reubs will be looking down guiding him along the way.

In time he will of course be chief meet and greet in the friday farmshop and Christmas collection days!

In other half term news we went to ‘Bodmin Keep’ which is Cornwall’s army museum. It has items ranging from the battle of Waterloo to a section of the Berlin Wall. Charlie was in his element and they both enjoyed dressing up in military gear. It is definitely worth a visit!

Then yesterday we all went down to the United Downs Raceway to see the banger and stock car racing. What a brilliant afternoon out despite the damp weather. It was definitely an experience! Charlie loves all things machinery, cars and speed so he was absolutely in his element especially when a tractor came out to move the crashed cars.

They also had a lovely time with their grandparents building lego castles, beach trips, pony riding and fish and chips. Plus Charlie has been an absolute star around the farm feeding the cows and helping Will.

Back to school for them today so the farm will certainly seem quieter for a few hours!