Meet The Team – Part 2 – The Farmer

This time it is Will the farmer!

Will always wanted to be a farmer since he was a little boy. He used to help his Uncle on his dairy farm at the weekends and holidays. He went to Duchy College and studied agriculture then followed that up with a degree in agriculture at Harper Adams University.

When he finished at Harper Will took on Treway Farm and moved here with a handful of cows, he has built our herd from scratch to the 280 cattle that it stands at today.

Little did we know that his hair brain farm diversification project ‘a few Christmas turkeys for friends and family’ would set our farming journey onto a completely different path. Well that ‘few’ has escalated somewhat as this year we have 1400 freerange turkeys and 100 geese which will be ready for Christmas!

This man is the hardest working and some would describe him as a machine! He is totally and utterly dedicated to our cattle, our farm and our family.

He is the most laid back chap you could possibly meet which is lucky seeing as he has to live and work with a highly strung wife and business partner and our wild mini farmers!

He is a total inspiration and we are super lucky that we get to call him husband, dad, butchery buddy and business partner!