Meet The Team – Part One – The Mini farmers

These two certainly keep us on our toes…. especially the littlest one!!

Charlie is totally machinery mad, there is very little he doesn’t know about tractors, especially his favourite John Deere’s. Currently he is planning on becoming a dairy farmer….we obviously aren’t selling him in on the beef and turkey market!!

Flora or as she calls herself ‘Bunny Boo Boo’ is a total sass pot and complete wild child! She is always missing in action and up to all sorts of mischief. She just loves the cows and all animals in general. She keeps telling us that she wants to be a ‘horse doctor’ when she grows up.

They are our ultimate driving force as we try to carve out a bright and sustainable future for them at the farm. Should they choose to take over the Treway reins or venture off on their own adventures. Hopefully we will have stood them in good stead and they certainly have an excellent work ethic already!!